Santorini Summer School

Fees and start dates

ONE-WEEK PROGRAMMES - Dates in 2019:

Easter 2019:

15-19/4/2019: Levels Α2-Β1, Β2-C1

22-26/4/2019: Levels Α2-Β1, Β2-C1


Summer 2019:

10-14/6/2019: Levels A0-Α1, Α2-Β1, Β2-C1

17-21/6/2019: Levels A0-Α1, Α2-Β1, Β2-C1


24-28/6/2019: Levels A0-Α1, Α2-Β1, Β2-C1

1-5/7/2019: Levels A0-Α1, Α2-Β1, Β2-C1


8-12/7/2019: Levels A0-Α1, Α2-Β1, Β2-C1

15-19/7/2019: Levels A0-Α1, Α2-Β1, Β2-C1

22-26/7/2019: Levels Α2-Β1, Β2-C1, Greek Literature for Advanced Students

29/7-2/8/2019: Levels Α2-Β1, Β2-C1, Greek Literature for Advanced Students

2-6/9/2019: Levels Α2-Β1, Β2-C1, C2

9-13/9/2019: Levels Α2-Β1, Β2-C1, C2


16-20/9/2019: Levels A0-Α1, Α2-Β1, Β2-C1

23-27/9/2019: Levels A0-Α1, Α2-Β1, Β2-C1

30/9-4/10/2019: Levels Α2-Β1, Β2-C1, C2

7-11/10/2019: Levels Α2-Β1, Β2-C1, C2




(20+7hours, Monday to Friday 9:00-13:30 or 11:30 έως 16:30 and a 7-hour outdoor interactive workshop on Saturday):

LEVELS Α0 to C2 and Preparation Courses for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek: 295 €

Greek Literature for Advanced Students and Special Courses: 350 €

1) Fees include:

- All requisite educational materials

- 4 hours of Greek Language lesson daily. Teaching will be conducted in Greek by communicative (direct) method. Other languages are used if necessary. The lesson includes development of all four language skills, communicative activities, language games, listening comprehension, presentations on Greek culture and students’ projects. Working language: Greek

- One 7-hour interactive outdoor workshop on Saturday.

- Certificate of attendance

- Coffee, tea and biscuits provided daily during breaks

- Use of the Internet and the Centre’s small book and video library

2) Fees do not include:

- All cultural actvities included in the Activities Menu. Modern Greek Language Students are welcome to select activities from the Menu at a 50% discount. Students' friends and family are welcome to participate at a 30% discount.

- Accommodation and meals

- Travel insurance. Students are urged to make arrangements for travel insurance.

- Airplane or ferry tickets to/from Santorini

3) If you are registered for an Intensive Greek Language Programme and a group of at least 4 students is not formed at a suitable level, you will be offered EITHER to have less hours of lesson per day OR, alternatively, you can pay the extra fee for 4 hours of lesson per day according to the number of students in the group.

4) You can attend longer programmes at all levels. The regular duration for the Greek Literature Programme is 2 weeks.

Fees for the Intensive Group Programme: 2 weeks: 550 euro (Greek Literature: 650 euro), 3 weeks: 795 euro, 4 weeks: 1030 euro.

5) Children participating in the courses must be accompanied by an adult

6) 1 teaching hour = 60 minutes

7) A 25% deposit must be paid 60 days before the beginning of the course at the latest. The deposit is non refundable and serves as a cancellation fee. Payments have to be made only after receiving a relative confirmation letter by the HCC.


Private tailor-made courses are offered all year long in Santorini and in Athens, any time of the day for all levels and Special Courses (Preparation Courses for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek, Greek Language for Translators and Interpreters, Katharevousa-Formal Greek, Legal Terminology, Greek Literature, Greek for children)

Fees for private courses:

Language Levels Α0 - C2, Preparation for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek (all levels), Beginners' Crash Course: 40 euro per hour

Special Language Programmes (Greek Language for Translators and Interpreters, Katharevousa-Formal Greek, Legal Terminology, Greek Literature, Greek for children): 45 euro per hour

Ask us for the hourly fees for group courses (4-12 students) or semi-private courses (2-3 students).

Discounts and special offers are available in private courses, depending on the period.